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Brussels Apartments & House Rentals

From studio apartments to large family houses, we collect Brussels apartments and houses from all the biggest rental agencies and put them all in one place to enable you to easily find the right apartment for rent. Search our Belgium apartments database for long and short stay rentals to find your perfect place to stay today!

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Brussels City Information

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, a bilingual country with French and Dutch speakers.

Brussels is the heart of the European Union making it a truly cosmopolitan city. 27% of the population are foreigners. The city is an international centre for foreign dignitaries, diplomats and expatriates and host to 40,000 EU employees, 4,000 NATO employees and about 300 permanent representations including lobby groups, embassies and press corporations.

Architecturally Brussels is a city where history and modernity take equal precedence. The Grand Place, a15th century town-square where all the buildings have significant historical value is a main attraction. The imposing Palace de Justice is still the high court of Brussels today. On the east side are contemporary buildings housing the European Union.

The public transport system moves people efficiently and affordably across the city. Although there are 400 varieties, Brussels isnít all about beer (thereís waffles and chocolate too). Brussels is in the premier league for concerts, opera and orchestras. Most big name artists make a point of performing in the Capital of Europe whilst on tour. Brussels likes to boast that it has all the ingredients for a glamorous night out at a fraction of the price of Paris.

What we do

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